“The Bishops” is the Men’s Seniors section of Bishop’s Stortford Golf Club. It was formed in the early 1980s to provide a friendly environment for playing both informal and formal golf. 

To be a member of The Bishops, you must be both a member of the club and over 55 years of age. Members are expected to participate regularly in Bishops events, which are usually held on weekdays. 

The Bishops meet for informal, friendly, “roll up”matches every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings throughout the year, between 07:30 am and 09:00 am.

The Bishops also have a programme of more formal events, including Monthly Medals / Stablefords throughout the year. During the summer months, a variety of competitions are played – Matchplay, Foursomes, Greensomes and Singles. These all have the benefit of prizes, along with interesting trophies e.g. The Dad’s Army Helmet, the Chalice, the Platter and the Putter! 

From Spring through to Autumn, A Bishops representative team play matches (home and away), against the Senior Sections of other golf clubs in the area. This presents an ideal opportunity for members to bond with other Bishops, experience a variety of courses and make new acquaintances outside their own club. To avoid any difficulties, members are expected to have an active handicap at the time they are playing a representative match. 

The Archbishop is the captain of The Bishops, and organises a number of annual events typically including: matches against the Ladies and Junior Sections, a Charity day, an Invitational day, and the Archbishop’s Away Weekend (usually Sunday overnight). 

Any male member of BSGC who is considering joining The Bishops is warmly invited to join one of the “roll up” matches in the first instance. Subsequently, membership is obtained through a meeting with the Archbishop. 

Bishops Section Match Summary

Currently the Bishops have 12 matches, home and away, each year.  The home matches are played on a Wednesday, with away matches on a Monday or Thursday, depending on which club we are playing.

These matches are 4BBB format, with all standards of golfer welcome to paly.

Team numbers are 16 a side, with an early AM start (normally around 8:30am) followed by a two course lunch, for which all participants are expected to stay.

Committee Members

Archbishop Mike Trippick
Deputy ArchbishopPhil Evans
Competitions SecretaryTerry Jack
Assistant Competitions SecretaryDavid Rossi
Match SecretaryGordon Heggie
TreasurerMike Trippick
SecretaryMark Lee
Assistant Match Secretary John Healy

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